This renovation project on a ground floor house, in a semi-detached building on Kasteli hill, in the Old Town of Chania is completed. Its original construction was placed before 1940 and its external walls are made of stone, while internally there is a reinforced concrete carrier.

The apartment is adjacent to the archaeological site of ancient Kydonia, on Canevaro Street.


Our office prepared and completed a proposal for the architectural design of the interior spaces of the house, with a renegotiation of the relationship between its public and private parts, preserving characteristics of the identity of the original construction.

The guiding principle of the design was the preservation of the character of a private residence which until recently was the ancestral home of Ms. Tatiana’s family, while providing all the modern requirements of a functional living with the integration of the common areas of the house.

The floors of the existing tiles with various colored geometric patterns were mostly preserved, while the kitchen, bathrooms and furniture were redesigned. The wooden, ornate central door of the house was preserved and highlighted. The interior spaces were decorated with the landscape paintings of architect-painter Dimitris Erinakis.

Year: 2023