Mechanics at the service of aesthetics

Our technical office specializes in the design, licensing and construction of private and public projects.

Staffed by distinguished engineers and consultants with long experience in various specialties, we offer you a range of high quality services (design – construction – licensing – regulation of arbitrary structures, energy inspection, building identity), in the fastest, most reliable way to serve your demands.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of our design we always place the user. We are looking for solutions that cover every functional and aesthetic requirement of yours.

Boutique Villa Kalliope

We plan your future together; we bring your dreams to paper, screen, life.


The aesthetics of every space is not a luxury, rather than a direct consequence of authenticity of its design and implementation.

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From paper to screen & life

How to implemented a re-purposed project?

The main axis on which we move is the position of the user in space, what needs we need to meet and what kind of uses. The design is implemented in stages with constant communication and by distinguishing the new intervention from the identity elements of the past. We use materials that allow us to innovate.

How can I participate in the design?

For us, at the heart of the design always lies the user. You are being informed of the design process at all stages and together we re-evalue your needs. We use such 3D design and photorealism tools that allows our eyes become your eyes.

I own a property that needs renovation, what are the steps?

First you inform us on the details of the property and your wishes. Then, together, we choose the way we will treat your property: what it needs, how much it costs, if there is a financing possibility and how much time it takes to design and implement your vision. Each property is unique and is treated as such by our team.

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