Digital Building Identity

The Digital Building Identity is a “digital file” that contains all the information of a building or an independent shared property (eg apartment in an apartment building), such as the building permit, floor plans, millimeter table, declarations of compliance suspension of arbitrary sanctions, the Energy Performance Certificate, etc.

It is clarified that the Certificate of Completeness of Building Identity / Independent Divided Property is issued per property, which is the subject of transfer. In properties with the composition of divided properties, the Building Identity as a whole for the whole building, essentially appears as the total of the independent properties and the common areas.

The Digital Identity data are kept in the Electronic Register, which is supervised by the Structured Environment Observatory. From there, there is a connection through the General Secretariat of Information Systems with the database of the Land Registry and DEI. This gives the State the ability to intersect and control the elements of each building.

The provisions governing the DBI are determined by Law 4495/2017 (Government Gazette A166 / 3.11.2017). The relevant legislation was first drafted in 2010 and provided for the inspection of all existing buildings in the country every five years.

What are the supporting documents included in the HTC file?

The supporting documents, as well as the completeness information that must be included, are the following:

  •  executive of the building permit of the building, with its revisions,
  • plans accompanying the building permit
  • energy efficiency certificate of the building or its parts,
  • construction inspection certificate, if issued,
  • declarations of submission to laws on arbitrary settlements
  • floor plans, which show the building in its actual condition when it does not appear from the details of the building permits and / or the relevant legal documents
  • the structural vulnerability sheet and the static adequacy study, if required,
  • the table of millimeters and the study of cost distribution of the building, if required
  • evidence of real estate cadastre, if any
  • power supply number
  • water supply number


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