Reuse of a 1831 residency that develops in two levels, with interior arrangements & extrerior space configuration. It is a building on a corner plot in the center of Chania, in a district that still retains strong building elements with neoclassical elements on the facades. This building is developed on two levels with an elevated ground floor house and a functionally independent basement. The house, which dates from the year 1831, retained elements of neoclassical decoration on the main facade of the building, which were chosen to be reconstructed in their original form. The building is covered with a four-pitched tiled roof.

The study concerned the restoration of the facades with simultaneous remodeling of the interior space in order to house a private residence with modern functionality and spacious common areas. The roof was reconstructed in its original volume with metal and wooden load-bearing elements, while internally, partial grouting of the stone walls was chosen, highlighting elements of the original construction. In addition, earth tones in the shades, pressed cement mortar on the floors and iron decorative elements were chosen.


Photos: Rita Photography

Year: 2022