Mechanics at the service of aesthetics

NSRF European Funding Programs - File preparation

Our experienced team prepares your submission files for European Funding Programs.

Architectural Study

With years of experience, our goal is to design for you new residential buildings, hotels & professional spaces, either by reviving existing structures and/or by converting their use, in order to serve modern needs. Our design team undertakes the task from the first design concept to the very details that identify each project, using contemporary tools of interior design and lightning study.

Building permits and Licensing

We complete the task of issuing building permits and store operating licenses.

στατικές μελέτες
Structural Design

Our engineers offer Structural Design services for all sorts of load bearing structures:

  • Reinforced concrete
  • Bearing masonry
  • Steel and composite structures
  • Wooden structures,
  • for both new and existing buildings, as well as reinforcing studies

Πιστοποιητικό Ενεργειακής Επάρκειας
Energy Efficiency Certificates

We issue Energy Efficiency Certificates, required for real estate rentals, legal acts and funding programs.
Check Required documents for issuing Energy Efficiency Certificate.


Distinguished engineers with long experience


In many construction and supervision projects


Guided by your own service


Constructing new buildings or reviving existing ones, is one of our office’s main activities, with years of experience for both engineers and craftsmen. According to your needs, we offer the following services:

  • Remodeling of existing structures for new activities or uses
  • Renovation & interior design
  • Residential buildings
  • Landscaping

Διατηρητέα κτίρια
Conservation and restoration of Listed buildings

Listed buildings are most demanding projects, both in terms of their overall design and their construction process. Restoration of such structures requires specialized knowledge to maintain, conserve and often restore the buildings identity while retrofitting modern life requirements.

Τακτοποίηση ακινήτου
Αrbitrary settlements and Building ID

Subsuming a property in the provisions of the Law 4495/2017, and issuing a building’s ID, is necessary for any legislating drafting, connection of utility networks, including funding programs.

Building surveys

Building surveys for any form of structures is one of the areas of expertise, counting many square meters of layouts surveyed.